18 Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue, Pleasantville, New Jersey 08232

Child Federation of Atlantic City, Inc.
Well Baby Clinic

& Parenting Support

Our mission is to provide medical and social support, as well as, referral and direct services, in order to assist families in the rearing of healthy children through the formative years (birth to 18 years of age).

Our goal is to reach out to families who are uninsured and unable to use traditional pediatric services. In an atmosphere of caring and trust, we promote the best interests of the total family. Our emphasis is on prevention of health problems in children potentially at risk due to social and/or economic problems. This is accomplished through a wide variety of services including: a well baby clinic, preventive health services, parenting information, and appropriate medical referrals.

Since 1916, Child Federation has served as a nonprofit health care agency in Atlantic County dedicated to child health and safety. It is the aim of Child Federation to grow and fulfill the needs of the family and provide children with the immunizations necessary to attend school.

The program is designed for uninsured children to receive complete medical examinations, including school physicals, lead poison testing, and education on a one to one basis. We have access to a Spanish Interpreter and literature available in many languages.

Trained medical personnel use their expertise to provide case management. They include a licensed Pediatrician and a licensed nurse. Together they ascertain the needs of the total family, with emphasis on the child, through assessment of the existing social, economic, emotional, and environmental factors.

The needs of the children and families are met by reviewing all of the information and available services. This may include: counseling, medical assistance, and/or support services through whatever practical means are available. We have ongoing collaborative relationships with existing public and private agencies, institutions, and associations.